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Animals and Plants


There is a great diversity of wildlife on Egmont Key that includes shore birds, migratory birds, Nesting Loggerhead Sea turtles, a colony of endangered Gopher Tortoises and Box Turtles. Last year the island was home to about 40 sea turtle nests, 35,000 nesting pairs of birds and is the year around home of 1200 Gopher Tortoises.

Laughing Gull Nesting    Royal Tern Colony

Box Turtles

One of the more interesting plants found on Egmont Key is the Strangler Fig which begins as an air plant on its host plant, usually a cabbage palm, and then slowly engulfs it as its roots take hold in the ground. There are numerous flowering plants, grasses, cactus and trees like the Eastern Red Cedar and Live Oak.


Strangler Fig

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