The Egmont Key Alliance
Batteries Burchstead and Page
These fortifications were once a part of the defense of the southern entrance to Tampa Bay along with underwater mines. The have become separated from the mainland due to erosion. The batteries are in the process of being designated an Underwater Archaeological Preserve. Two of the artillery pieces were removed from the site, preserved and are now on display at Fort DeSoto behind the mortar batteries.

They are 6 inch Armstrong rapid fire guns, manufactured in England and installed on Battery Burchstead. The Armstrong guns were used because the U. S. did not have a similar gun. They fired cased ammunition which allowed for rapid reloading and had a maximum range of 5.6 miles. The cases could be reused after firing. Battery Page had 3 inch rapid fire guns similar to the ones used on Battery Mellon on the northern end of Fort Dade


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