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Welcome to Egmont Key Alliance Committee by Take MAR


When you become a member of the Egmont Key Alliance Committee you can be a part of “restoring, preserving, and regenerating the island” 

Have you heard of the Egmont Key Alliance Before?

The Egmont Key Alliance was founded in 1991 with the goals of restoring, preserving, and protecting Egmont Key and all of its resources both natural and man-made, for people to enjoy now and for future generations. 

In October 2023 the Egmont Key Alliance (EKA), comprised of its board of directors and members, voted to have the legacy, work, and membership passed on and continued through a committee within the 501c3, Take MAR (that's us!).

In the past three decades, the alliance has assisted with restoring historic buildings, invasive species removal, beach re-nourishment, sea turtle nesting, protection of nesting seabirds, education of the public and government leaders, and providing a place for safe and sustainable recreation. They have partnered with other historic and environmental organizations in the Tampa Bay area to raise awareness of all that Egmont Key has to offer. 

Take MAR and the new Egmont Key Alliance Committee will now continue their work, legacy, and mission, and we hope you join us!

Where is Egmont Key?

Accessible only by boat, Egmont Key is an island located in the mouth of Tampa Bay and is very unique. It was formed from a river delta thousands of years ago and is now home to gopher tortoises, sea turtles, nesting shore birds, and migratory birds. It is used today by many boaters and beachgoers for recreational activities. 

Egmont Key has also played an important role in American history as well as the history of Florida. It is home to a beautiful lighthouse that was built in 1858 and the beacon is still maintained by the Coast Guard as an aid for ships and recreational boaters. 

Egmont Key was occupied by the Union Navy for most of the Civil War as part of Operation Anaconda, the blockade of the South. It was also a safe haven for local residents who were against secession. The island was a yellow fever quarantine site for troops returning from Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The fortifications on the island were built in response to a need for coastal defense during the time. 

Egmont Key also served as an internment site for Seminoles on their way to reservations in the Midwest after the Third Seminole War which ended in 1858. 

This beautiful island is a historical site and is rich in flora, fauna, history, and natural heritage. 

We invite you to join this new committee and help us regenerate the island! 

Join The Egmont Key Alliance Impact Day

July 20th, 2024

Dive into our mission of preservation! Our Impact Day goes beyond cleanups, fostering a deep connection with Egmont Key. Join us for 3 hours of island stewardship—supporting Florida State Parks and U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Activities range from cleanups to maintenance, addressing the island's evolving needs. Embark on a guided nature and history walk, uncovering Egmont Key's unique ecosystems and historical significance. Then, bask in the island's beauty—swim, play, or simply relax. Strike the perfect balance between exploration and preservation.

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Who is Take MAR?

Take MAR stands for More Action for Regeneration.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in St. Petersburg, FL.  

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